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Romance, Thriller
Rupert Grint, Robert Sheehan, Kimberley Nixon
Glenn Leyburn, Lisa Barros D'Sa
Best friends Luke, and Malachy are finally ready to enjoy their summer. Yet, when the stunning Michelle moves to town unexpectedly, these two best friends soon become worst enemies. With a resistance to boredom, Michelle seductively encourages a dirty competition for her heart. What was supposed to have been a relaxing vacation transforms into a wild ride of drinking, drugs, sex and a deadly end to the competition.

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With "Harry Potter" redhead Rupert Grint in the lead and its Euro-cool packaging, this Belfast-set story of two 15-year-old pals in lust with the same teenage sex bomb should have no problems pulling young adolescents.

NY Post
...not only is Rupert supposed to be unbelievable in his first leading non-"Potter" role, but this strikes me as exactly the kind of movie that's destined to be a cult hit with teens.

The Daily Mail
...a legion of fans have started a petition calling on film distributors to take action.

Teen Hollywood
Rupert Grint fans are determined to get his latest movie on the big screen - more than 10,000 have signed a petition to gain Cherrybomb a distributor.

The Independent
Cinephiles from as far afield as Mexico and Los Angeles contacted The Little Film Company, its sales agent, to enquire about its release. And the people power campaign has now paid off.

BBC News
Fans of Harry Potter star Rupert Grint have been credited with securing the release of his new film, Cherrybomb, after setting up an online petition.