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13 Hours

Director: Donovan Marsh
Benny Griessel is driven—with good cause. His marriage is on the rocks, his job hangs from a thread and whatever self-respect he had is long gone. He's a cop, and a damn good one and the only thing that keeps him going is his ability to nail the bad guys. Especially when his own family is threatened…

Across the Line

Director: Director X
Cast: Sarah Jeffrey, Stephan James
Mattie is a top ice hockey player tipped to be selected by one of the top teams in the National Hockey League but his plans are jeopardized by his hustling brother and the corrosive racial tension at his high school. Inspired by real events, Across The Line is about dreaming BIG and challenging the odds.

Affair, The

Director: Carl Colpaert
Cast: Andy Mackenzie, Kelsey Oldershaw
Trapped in the confines of her remote canyon home, Jean feels like she’s suffocating in her stifling marriage to Paul, her uptight architect husband. She embarks on a passionate affair with her free-wheeling and bohemian lover, Viggo. Somewhere between the extremes of her new found liberation and her marriage, lies the path to true happiness… if only she can find it.

Ameriqua (aka Eurotrapped)

Director: Giovanni Consonni, Marco Bellone
Cast:  Bobby Kennedy III, Alec Baldwin, Alessandra Mastronardi, Eva Amurri, Giancarlo Giannini
Eager to explore Europe, Charlie takes a leap of faith and arrives in Italy without plans, friends or a place to stay. He’s ready to experience the world, meet new people and at all costs, postpone adulthood. It doesn’t take long before he’s running from the Mafia and falling for a beautiful Italian free-spirit, Valentina. Charlie may have graduated College but he’s about to fail in the real world;...

Bad Blood

Director: David Pulbrook
Working for a hot news scoop, Carrie accepts an invitation from Vincent, a best-selling author, to interview him over a long weekend on his unspoiled tropical island. When Carrie realizes something is terribly wrong, she tries to leave only to find herself trapped. In fear for her life, she escapes from the house into the surrounding rain forest. What she now discovers about Vincent turns everything...


Director: Basel Owies
Cast: Scott Glenn, Chris Coy
Eugene is a small town barber, beloved by the local community, but hiding a deadly secret. John is hunting for a serial killer not to expose him but to learn the business! They form a twisted bond and turn the town upside down as Eugene teaches John to kill.


Director: Giorgio Serafini
Cast: Isabelle Fuhrman, Joel Courtney, James LeGros, Peter Bogdanovich
A divorced father takes his teenage kids on a camping trip to recapture their early closeness. But all three are swept into a supernatural adventure, lost in a haunted forest from which there seems no escape except death.

Black Limousine

Director: Carl Colpaert
Cast: Bijou Phillips, David Arquette, Nicholas Bishop, Vivica A. Fox
Jack MacKenzie has fallen on hard times. To make ends meet, he starts driving a limo and meets Thomas Bower, an A-list actor, and a sexually charged model, Erica Long, who both seem ready to help him. However, in the city of dreams…life isn’t always at it seems.


Director: Lucy Walker
Set against the breathtaking backdrop of the Himalayas, Blindsight follows the gripping adventure of six Tibetan teenagers on a climbing expedition up the northside of Mount Everest. A dangerous journey soon becomes a seemingly impossible challenge made all the more remarkable by the fact that the teenagers are blind. Believed to be possessed by demons because of their blindness, the children are feared...


Director: Michael Medeiros
Cast: Ilvi Dulack, Tom Pelphrey, Karen Chamberlain
When Annie and her best friend, Louise, catch a handsome drifter breaking into their house, they are forced to deal with their attractive and seductive hostage as the situation spins wickedly out of control.
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