The Little Film Company to handle world-wide sales of

The Little Film Company to handle world-wide sales of "Last Rampage: the Escape of Gary Tison"

The Little Film Company to handle world-wide sales of "Last Rampage: the Escape of Gary Tison"

Los Angeles (October 6, 2016)… The Little Film Company will present the true crime thriller LAST RAMPAGE: THE ESCAPE OF GARY TISON, currently in post-production, to buyers at this year’s AFM next month, it was announced by company principals Robbie Little and Ellen Little. 


LAST RAMPAGE: THE ESCAPE OF GARY TISON recounts the 1978 real life notorious prison escape by convicted murderer Gary Tison and fellow inmate Randy Greenawalt with Tison’s sons as accomplices.  The film highlights the cold-blooded killings that followed as Tison and his teenage sons fled across several States evading arrest.    The infamous breakout became a huge embarrassment to the State of Arizona, exposing the astonishing corruption in its penal system.


Based on the true crime thriller book by James W. Clarke (“American Assassins: The Darker Side of Politics”), LAST RAMPAGE: THE ESCAPE OF GARY TISON is directed by Dwight Little from a script by Alvaro Rodriguez (“From Dusk Till Dawn”) and Jason Rosenblatt (“Vicious”).  The film stars Robert Patrick, Heather Graham, Molly C. Quinn, William Shockley, Jason Richter, John Heard, Bruce Davison, Alex MacNicoll, Casey Thomas Brown, Skyy Moore and Chris Browning.  The film is produced by Eric M. Breiman and Robert Patrick and co-produced by Sandy Little and Alvaro Rodriguez.


Director Dwight Little has amassed an impressive body of work including “Murder at 1600,” “Marked for Death,” “Rapid Fire,” and numerous hours of notable primetime network television series including “Prison Break,” “The Practice,” and “24” to name a few.   


Robert Patrick (“Walk the Line,” “Copland,” “Gangster Squad”), who is currently starring in the successful TV series “Scorpion” and best known as T-1000 opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger in “The Terminator 2: Judgment Day” stars as ruthless convicted murderer Gary Tison, whose family’s monstrous rampage left a traumatic trail of innocent victims as they thwarted capture before they were apprehended near the Mexican border.


Gary’s wife Dorothy is played by Heather Graham, whose breakout roles in the highly successful independent films Gus Van Sant’s “Drugstore Cowboy” and Paul Thomas Anderson’s “Boogie Nights,” is most known to international audiences opposite Bradley Cooper in hilarious box office hit “The Hangover.”  Dorothy whose naïve adoration of her husband throws her into an unknowingly harden criminal world and involuntarily becomes her husband’s co-conspirator.


Molly C. Quinn (“We Are the Millers”) known for playing Nathan Fillion’s daughter in the long running popular TV series Castle is Marisa, a local press reporter who tirelessly follows the story for the Arizona Republic; and

William Shockley (“Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman”) is Gary’s brother Joe who ultimately betrays him.


Jason Richter star of the “Free Willy” family film franchise portrays Ketchum, a lieutenant from the Arizona State police; and Chris Browning whose credits include “Terminator Salvation,” “The Book of Eli,” and “Cowboys & Aliens” plays violent killer Greenawalt, who aids in the prison break out and is on the run with Tison and his family.


LAST RAMPAGE: THE ESCAPE OF GARY TISON also explores the complex relationship between father and a son and the huge influence parents have in shaping their perceptions and beliefs.  For 20 year old Donnie, played by Alex MacNicoll, who stars as Colton in the popular award winning comedy from Amazon Studios’ “Transparent,” it was too late when he realizes how ruthless his father was and the monster he came face-to-face with that cost him his life.


Up and coming actors Casey Thomas Brown, (“House of Lies,” “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”); and Skyy Moore (“Two Step,” “Sex School”) co-star as  younger brothers Ray (19-years) and Ricky (17 years), who are dragged into their fathers criminal lifestyle.  They eventually had their death penalties reduced to life sentences because they were both under 20 years old during the time of their crimes.


Prolific actor John Heard best known by audiences worldwide as Kevin’s dad in “Home Alone,” and “Home Alone 2: Lost in New York,” portrays Prison Warden Blackwell whose questionable leniency came under scrutiny and was pulled from duty during the official government inquiry.  Oscar nominated actor Bruce Davison (X-Men”) rounds out the cast as Arizona highway patrolman Cooper, who had a history with Tison and whose actions weighed heavily on his consciousness for endangering the lives of the public.